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Jan 29

Threat Intelligence: iOS Bug Gives Unauthorized Access to User’s FaceTime Audio and Video

Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

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Dec 14

Threat Intelligence: New LamePyre Mac Malware

The third malware strain targeting MacOS this month has been discovered and dubbed LamePyre. Although it appears to still be under development, the malware is able to perform a few functions. LamePyre traps its victims by showing up as a duplicate of the Discord app utilized by gamers. In actuality, it is only a shell which appears as the run of the mill Automator symbol in the menu bar on MacOS when kept running by the user.

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Nov 06

Tor Browser Vulnerability

A Tor Browser vulnerability has surfaced in the wild dubbed “TorMoil” which leaks the users’ real IP addresses. The vulnerability affects Tor browser for MacOS and Linux but not Windows.

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