Oct 15

Binary Defense and Ingram Micro Announce Strategic Distribution Relationship

Binary Defense™—a leader in Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) now with built-in Endpoint Platform Protection (EPP)—today announced it has entered into a distribution relationship with Ingram Micro Inc., a global force in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain services. The relationship will add significant value to customers by more easily addressing specific regional markets around the world.

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Oct 06

Why We Love DerbyCon

There's a lot to recommend about DerbyCon, the homegrown computer security conference based in Louisville, Kentucky. The buzz in the air during and leading up to the conference is palatable and unlike any other InfoSec conference you may have attended.

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Sep 28

Binary Defense Launches Security Executive Network (S.E.N.) Program

Our newly formed Security Executive Network (S.E.N.)is a traveling event to connect with security leaders everywhere to share insights and best practices. 

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Aug 23

Vision EDR Platform Disrupts Another Phishing Attack, Sorry Bad Guys

Binary Defense Vision EDR can easily detect macro malware leveraging Windows PowerShell and, in this case, helped a customer defend against the Emotet downloader Trojan.

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Aug 22

Announcing Vision 4.0 Platform – Managed EDR Combined with EPP

Introducing Vision 4.0 Platform Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) with built-in Endpoint Platform Protection (EPP) by Binary Defense.

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Aug 03

Social Engineering Attacks and Mitigations Part VII: Whaling

Phishing is the most common type of social engineering attack that has targeted companies for years. Phishing attacks get sent out to a mass amount of people, however, company executives may get hit with something more specifically targeting them—a special type of phishing called whaling.

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Jul 30

PowerGhost Fileless Cryptocurrency Miner is Actively Targeting Corporate Networks

A fileless cryptocurrency miner dubbed PowerGhost is compromising workstations and servers by utilizing the EternalBlue exploit and Mimikatz. The threat compromises a single computer on a targeted network and may spread to other systems and servers across an organization. The PowerGhost threat was first seen compromising organizations in India, Columbia, Turkey, Europe, and the US.

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Jul 27

Social Engineering Attacks and Mitigations Part VI: Vishing

A type of social engineering attack that is closely related to phishing is vishing. Vishing is the act of phishing over the telephone and has gained popularity recently.

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Jul 19

Social Engineering Attacks and Mitigations Part V: Phishing

Phishing is a common social engineering tactic ever since the early days of computers and the internet. Phishers not only are trying to gain sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details, but also may look to cause damage and destruction to your data or accounts just for kicks.

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Jul 10

Social Engineering Attacks and Mitigations Part IV: Tailgating

Social Engineering attacks can be physical or cyber. One type of physical attack includes Tailgating, and it is not done in a car. Tailgating, in a social engineering sense, is when a person gains unwanted entrance into a facility by using tricks and tactics to fool the employees of that company.


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