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On the 7th of February, I read a news article with great interest. The article was about a Chinese shipping executive who was gunned down and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan. His car was “riddled with bullets,” yet a passenger was unharmed.Safe_1.jpg He was clearly targeted because of who he was and his company’s involvement with China’s Belt Road Initiative. Interestingly, he had “dismissed his security detail” that very day. That one sentence is what caught my eye—if your company believes you may be a target, why would you not use the assets provided to keep you safe?

The article also hit home, because I had heard too many times during my 15 years providing personal security that we were obsolete, not needed, a waste of money, or worse comments. Yes, I feel somewhat vindicated, but this is not what this blog will be about.

You may laugh and think that you have nothing to worry about. I assure you that you are not invincible.

Are you an executive with what some may consider a lot of money? You are a target.

Do you have industry knowledge that is proprietary or unique? You are a target.

Do you travel for work, representing your company? You are a target.

Or, are you merely a low-level analyst or security researcher? Yes, you are a target too.

I am not saying that everyone will be gunned down in the streets just because they work for XYZ company, but this blog’s purpose will be to simply open your eyes to awareness—to throw away denial and develop just a little healthy paranoia. You may be worth money or have knowledge that criminals want, or just a convenient target of revenge. The “why” doesn’t matter. Acknowledging the possibility and being pro-active is the first step.

Next week, we’ll begin with some history of past attacks, and then move on to how we each can be more security proactive in our daily lives. Because not all threats are cyber.

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