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Seoul skyline at night.jpegA new form of ransomware, called Magniber, has surfaced in the wild and its main target is victims in South Korea.

The ransomware is delivered via the Magnitude exploit kit. Magnitude is a tool used for distributing mostly the Cerber ransomware, however, it took part in distributing the Locky and Cryptowall ransomwares as well.

The activity level for the tool declined throughout September making it almost non-existent. However, on October 15, it rose with a new payload dubbed as Magniber.

Magniber first checks the language installed on the infected system. If the language is Korean then the payload will run. Some forms of ransomware have been known to target specific regions which makes it rare for a ransomware such as Magniber to target a specific country.

Once infected, a message will be displayed demanding Bitcoin. Victims who pay within five days are offered a reduced price of 0.2 bitcoin (approximately $1138 USD) while those who pay after five days will have to pay 0.4 bitcoin (approximately $2275 USD).

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