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A Chrome extension, called Archive Poster, enables users to “quickly re-blog, queue, draft, and like posts right from another blog’s archive,” but it has been found to also infect the user’s browser with a cryptocurrency miner. chromewebstore.pngArchive Poster has been downloaded over 105,000 times. It was revealed that it contains a mining code provided by CoinHive, which uses a victim’s computer to mine Monero coin.

It was reported that CoinHive’s JavaScript code is loaded from https://c7e935.netlify[.]com/b.js. Several analysts reported that they had reported this issue to Google, but either did not receive a response, or a response that made no sense--saying, “Only the owner of the item can change the behavior of this item.”

One researcher urged users to keep reporting the issue to Google, and thinks it may be the “work of a disgruntled employee.” Cryptocurrency miners are not limited to PC’s, however. Recently we have seen an influx of miners infecting Android apps, and even Facebook messenger.

For Google, users can download No Coin and minerBlock extensions from the Chrome web store to block any crypto miners from using their computing power.

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